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Junker's Blues video on Classic Rock magazine

From the new album Life & Love

Hans Chew has been compared to artists as varied as Bob Dylan, Meade Lux Lewis, John Prine, Albert Ammons, Nicky Hopkins and The Band, to name a few.

“My grandfather sang harmony in a Nashville gospel quartet and taught me that ‘high-lonesome sound’,” Chew explains. “While my mother turned me on to Hendrix and the Stones, my father only listened to classical music: I knew Beethoven’s Fifth before Led Zeppelin’s fourth.”

In 2004, after many years adrift, Chew took up permanent residence at the decrepit Clermont Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, armed with little more than a piano, an old Royal typewriter, a handful of New Orleans LPs, and a stack of ragtime, blues and boogie-woogie sheet music.

He checked out two years later with a handful of songs and moved to New York. These songs would become Chew’s 2010 debut album Tennessee & Other Stories…, which received four stars from Rolling Stone magazine.

Now Chew returns with new album Life & Love, which will be released by At The Helm Records on March 31. Check out the video for Junker’s Blues, one of the tracks from the new album, below.

via Classic Rock Magazine