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Alana Amram Record Release Show

Much fun on Tuesday night at Union Pool. Alana Amram, country-rock troubadour and daughter of American jazz/beat icon David Amram, played to a packed house with her band The Rough Gems. It was an honor to sit in on a few songs with the Gems before David Amram joined the band to play double flute solos (one in each hand) and ring in his 80th birthday! (Check out this video of David playing with Dizzy Gillespie.) Happy Birthday Mr. A!

I was invited to open the show with my excellent band, featuring our new guitarist Dave “The Horse Caballo” Cavallo at my right hand, and the unstoppable force that is Jesse Wallace and Ricardo Ortiz carried me on its shoulders as usual. Alana’s sister, the hilarious Adira Amram, followed - check out her videos on Funny or Die. Finally, the talented New Orleans inspired group, The Woes, closed out the night. Thanks for a great time Alana!

Pick up a copy of Alana’s excellent new album Painted Lady